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Fair & Transparent


German Medical Care & Services will take care of the entire payment process with all service providers. You do not need to deal with hospital or doctor’s bills or accommodation costs. You just enjoy the best of our services from a single source.

Based on provided medical documents and the information about your health condition, German Medical Care & Services with the assistance of specialized doctors can ensure that you will get the best treatment.

The estimated price quotation for the treatment is a preliminary calculation, which may vary if the examination reveals other or different results which may require an optimal treatment.
Along with the quotation and the recommended treatment, you will receive a provisional appointment which will be confirmed after receiving the amount.

Methods of Payment
To confirm the desired treatment, transfer the amount stated in the quotation to the specified account of German Medical Care & Services.

Final settlement
After your treatment, you will get a detailed list of provided services. Any difference in the quotation must be paid within 14 days.

If you have any questions regarding quotation or billing, we will be happy to answer your
questions in the following languages : English, Arabic, French and German.